What Exactly Is A Wireline Service? Explore All The Details Here!

Companies that are involved in exploration of fields and wellbores in the oil & gas industry often have to take up new channels. The whole idea is to find maximum information about the well, so as to gain the most of the production process. By relying on extremely precise tools, proprietary technologies, and highly-engineered equipment, wireline services help companies in doing the job better. The role of a wireline service may vary, but at the core, companies like Renegade Wireline Service Company help with well intervention, as well as, pipe discover and reservoir evaluation.

The obvious need for relying on wireline services

Companies that are involved in evaluation and extraction of oil, gas and petroleum products need information that’s reliable and actionable. From understanding important aspects like heat and pressure, to evaluating rock properties and finding casting collars, wireline services are absolutely necessary. These services are also necessary for collecting samples and data that are used extensively for evaluating wellbores and fields. Most companies that are engaged in wireline services also bring in safety and precise control on the tasks, because things underneath may not be always favorable for research purposes.

Wirelines and beyond

Wirelines are often confused with slicklines, but both don’t mean the same thing. First and foremost, wirelines can be single strand or multiple strands, while slicklines are always single strands. The purpose of slicklines is to just get tools inside the hole or about adjustment of valves and sleeves. Slicklines are nonelectric and lowered inside with the help of a special hydraulic system. Wirelines are more critical in nature as compared to slicklines, and the tools called wireline tools need to be extremely precise and advanced.

In conclusion

There is no denying that the oil & gas industry needs to rely on wireline services for the right reasons, and more so because they can actually keep the costs in check. Even in harsh climatic conditions or when there is a need to understand the well and basin in detail, wirelines services are capable of handling the requirements for gathering info that clients demand. If you are looking for a wireline service, make sure to look for expertise over everything else, and do check the experience they have in your region. The capabilities in terms of what they have to offer for your project must be discussed and evaluated.

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