Want To Start Your Own Blog? Refer To This Checklist

  1. Come up with ideas and set up your goals

Choose a topic you would love to write on and check if it has a good search volume. Then, determine your goals with a deadline and a specific result. Refer to similar blogs on your niche and check how you can make your better than them. Keep your goals in mind and then brainstorm the ideas you may want to reach. Choose a catchy domain name instead of a generic keyword-ish name. Make the most of the domain name generator tool for ideas.

  1. Get your blog online

Register your domain name to get started. Then, choose a blogging platform to work on. You can choose WordPress. Then, you need to choose a hosting provider amongst the range of options available. You just have to choose the one that is suitable to your needs. Then, install WordPress. Set up your login credentials in a way so that nobody can guess them.

  1. Launch your blog

Choose a theme that aligns to your niche and get rid of all the useless elements from your theme. Choose a typography that is easy to read. Then, you need to design your homepage, write an about page, add a contact form plugin, add an SEO plugin, have an SEO strategy ready, add an SSL certificate, add Google Analytics, sign up for Google Search Console, add links to your social media profiles, and change the permalink structure.