Popular Kinds of Service Dogs that Provide Various Services to People in Need

There is no doubt that dogs are one of the most useful animals that provide many helpful services for men. This is the prime reason why they are known as a dependable friend of man.

There are special breed of dogs providing unique kind of services, sometimes even saves life of people. They are mainly trained to provide reliable help for disabled individuals. These kinds of dogs are specially owned according to the needs of the person. The dogs are categorized based on the service they are able to provide.

Here are few well popular kinds of service dogs:

  • Guide dogs:
    • It is inborn quality of dog to guide through lost paths. Since early centuries dogs are known to guide hunters to lead them to their prey and even helped thousands of people who were lost in jungle to get back to safety. Today, dogs are well trained to enhance their guiding quality useful for blind people. They play an important role in navigating people who have difficulty in seeing clearly. The visually impaired people just need to hold the harness of the dog to let them guide to reach the required destination.
  • Hearing Dogs:
    • Best possible help for deaf people as such dogs are well trained to alert their handlers when they hear door bell, alarms and other uncommon sound. They are trained to touch their deaf handlers to take them towards the sound and if it seems to be a danger signal, to keep them away from it.
  • Mobility assistance dogs:
    • As the term suggests dogs are trained to help people unable to walk, hence move on wheel chairs or use support to walk. The dogs assist them in pulling the wheel chair on rough surface roads and even press the button of elevator for the needy people.

  • Seizure alert dogs:
    • It may seem impossible for an animal to recognize the sign of seizure occurrence troubling their handlers the truth is that there are dogs trained to identify seizure symptoms. They rise alarm and go for help if such disastrous issues occur.
  • Diabetic alert dogs:
    • Again, you will be surprised to know how dogs can realize the person is suffering from low sugar level. They do by smelling the person and let others know if any such occurrence is felt. This timely help of the dog is useful in providing medication to the person before any grave health issues is felt.

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