How to Create Interesting and Effective Customer Surveys

Putting together customer surveys takes some skill, and if you are looking at acquiring data and information from your customers to improve the services and products you offer and to tighten up internal processes, it is vital that you do so as effectively as possible. Effective customer surveys should never be too long, they should be easy to complete for the customer, and they should offer real insight that you can place into actionable insights and analysis for the performance of your company. External CX and mystery shopping companies can offer you this insight and expertise, allowing you to create bespoke customer surveys that hit the right spot and make a genuine difference to the prospects of your company, no matter the industry you work in.

How can you ensure that your customer surveys are engaging and get to the heart of the matter, providing you with the information and insights that will make a difference to your campaign, project, brand, or business?

The first thing to think about is how you would feel when faced with a survey of any sort? How many of us have got plenty of time to spare these days in reality? Not many of us, that’s for sure. Put together a short survey that should take no longer than a few minutes for your customers to fill out. If it is any longer than this it can cause people to lose focus, to get annoyed, and in the most extreme cases to walk away without completing the survey. That is the last thing you want, or need, at this stage of proceedings.

In the development of the customer survey think about the answers you are looking for. It is no point asking questions that you already have the answers to. If you have chosen to specifically target certain types of customers (such as someone who has just completed a purchase online, or gone through a customer complaint process), there is no need to ask them what age bracket they fit into, or how they heard about your business. You should already have that information in advance of the survey.

To get the most out of the survey you need to ascertain how the customer is feeling about their most recent interaction with your company, whether they have an issue that still needs resolving or a positive interaction that they would like to share, and leave the time and space for them to suggest tweaks and improvement to your service. This allows them to feel valued as a customer and shows you are willing to change and improve.

Choose a company with experience of developing and successfully implementing customer surveys. This way, you can be sure that the choices you make now will have a profound impact on the analysis of performance levels, and help you to tweak the development of your company and improve processes, internal protocols, and ensure brand consistency throughout your organisation. The last thing you want is to offer out customer surveys that are too long, scare off or bore your customers, and provide no real actionable insight. The idea should always be to provide valuable insights that can be put towards improvements and prove that you genuinely care what your customers think and what they desire, bridging that gap between expectation of customer service and the reality your company currently delivers.