Expanding Your Customer Base with Text Messaging

As technology and the way in which retail have improved and evolved over time there has been a requirement from successful businesses to keep pace and find new and improved ways to interact with customers. There are countless ways in which you can do so, from face-to-face canvassing, post-sale surveys, email marketing, social media marketing, or text messaging communication. It is important for a business to strive to move forward at all times. This can be achieved in many different ways, but with accurate customer information and data, and a clear plan of action based on accurate customer reports, you can go a long way to creating and meeting long-term strategic targets.

Text messaging is one way in which a business can be successful in targeting customers with carefully crafted marketing messages, based on basic information collected (with consent) from customers when they first interact or purchase a product or service from your company.

Seen as every person you know has a mobile phone these days (from your kids up to your great grannies) you know that this is a viable way to connect with potential customers and old customers. A text message is normally looked at instantly, ensuring that when you are concocting a marketing plan, you have the knowledge that most people will pick it up and read it immediately in most cases.

Putting together a marketing message to be text out to potential customers and customers can capture the imagination of those you are aiming to target, tapping into a market and improving your chances of customer retention, and higher rates of new customers.

The first thing to ensure is that the information for those being sent text messages has been collected and collated in a legal way, responsibly stored, and that all the information is accurate. Collecting the information can be achieved in several ways, whether it is as part of a competition, a membership scheme for your company, or a loyalty scheme. You must always ask for consent and have a clear framework and process in place to collect, handle, and store the information in relation to GDPR. The moment information is no longer pertinent to your business interests you must dispose of it carefully and securely. All text messages sent out must have an opt-out message built in.

Marketing campaigns of any kind must have a simple idea behind them and a clear plan of action. You must only collect information and data to be used in a very precise way. Your targets could be linked to the number of people who reply to the messages, the number of sales that come directly from the text messages, or any number of other metrics. The text messaging marketing campaign must be implemented in a way that does not bombard people with regular text messages, but isn’t too infrequent that they do not remember your brand easily enough.

Through incentivisation you can ensure that the people receiving your messages genuinely feel part of the conversation. Be subtle with your messages, and provide access to discount codes and other promotional opportunities that are not available to the wider public.

In terms of statistics it is important to have a clear way of measuring the campaign against the metrics you have chosen. This helps you to market more effectively, tweaking your campaign where necessary. Utilising the services of a professional company with a track record of success in this field will help you to meet your goals.