DIY Document Shredding or Mobile Shredding Services: Which Option is for You?

Professional document shredding is important to protect and secure both company and customer information. You can choose to purchase an office shredder and have the shredding process managed by your employees or hire the services of a mobile shredding company.

If you are wondering which of these options is right for your company, keep reading:

Information Security

DIY shredding doesn’t guarantee optimal information security. You trust your people to destroy documents securely and promptly. But, insider privacy breaches are real, so you need to be extra careful when going this route. Even a single compromised document can damage your company’s reputation.

Providers of mobile shredding services have screened security professionals who are trained to secure confidential information. These experts follow a strict chain of custody procedures when performing the document destruction process. Your shredded documents will be mixed with plenty of shredded paper from other organizations to protect your information from being identified or reconstructed.

Task Efficiency

DIY shredding can seem easy and quick; however, office shredders are notoriously slow. Plus, paper jams are quite common when shredding documents. Before shredding even starts, your employees will have to remove staples, sticky notes, and paper clips from the documents. And because the majority of shredders can only handle a few sheets of paper at a time, every file must be separated into portions. Once the shredding receptacle is full, it has to be emptied.

Professional document destruction is a more efficient option. Trained professionals can quickly dump documents and files into a secure collection container that the destruction company will provide. Then, they will destroy them onsite in just a few minutes.

Shredding Costs

Because DIY shredding is slow, it can take hours for your employees to shred a few boxes of legal documents. The longer the task is completed the more the labor costs will be. This does not include the office shredder’s price and some related expenses that can increase the costs even more. By hiring document destruction services, you don’t have to pay your employees to shred company papers. Rather, you free them up to concentrate on revenue-generating tasks they are originally paid to do. Document destruction companies can destroy lots of paper in a fraction of the time it takes your employees to destroy documents. Apart from eliminating the cost of purchasing, operating, and operating an office shredder, on-site document destruction ensures that experienced professionals are doing the tasks for you.