Carbon steel pipe fittings manufacturers

There are different types of carbon steel pipe fittings. Pipe fittings are used to connect one or more pipes together with other pipes or fittings. The fittings manufacturers produce many different types of fittings such as bends, elbows, adapters, unions, joints and caps. All these are used in unique ways. The carbon steel carbon steel pipe elbows are used in different applications based on the grade of the carbon. Carbon steel could come in one of four major configurations. There a low carbon, mild carbon, high carbon and very high carbon versions of the steel. The difference is the allowed maximum amount of carbon in these grades. Manganese is allowed but in very smaller quantities. The carbon steel pipes are stronger than ordinary steel pipes.

They could last longer without wear and tear. They are easy to be welded upon. So the fittings that are needed to be fitted with welding could be easily connected with a piping network. Cold drawn or wrought carbon steel pipe fittings are available. The wrought carbon ones are stronger and can be welded. They are solution heat treated in the production. They could be welded and machined easily. They can also be strengthened by heat treatment after fixture. These features make the wrought carbon types to be used in structural piping. The price of WPHY 65 for example is higher than other carbon variations because it is wrought carbon and slightly high in production cost. Other market factors could affect the pricing as well.