5 Great Ways to Enhance your Retail Space

The retail industry is becoming more competitive, as more and more stores look to come up with a unique look that attracts shoppers, and if you are looking to revamp your store, here are just a few great ideas to make it happen.

  • Storefront Signage – Very much the flagship of your store’s look, there are quite a few new technologies that allow you to create unique storefront signage, and if you find an established sign shop (known as ร้านทำป้ายสินค้า in Thai), they can show you how to create unique storefront signage that really stands out. 3D printing empowers you to cut composite material to create a three-dimensional sign that can also be illuminated, and any experienced signage company would have an extensive album of previous projects to offer their clients some real design inspiration.
  • Acrylic Partitions & Backdrops – While these are commonly used in exhibition stands and booths, they can also be used as a permanent backdrop for your store. Innovative technology enables us to blend many hi-res digital images to create any design, and with an almost unlimited list of composite materials, you are not limited in your choices. Why not have a full-wall sticker printed? This is a great way to maximise the wall space and using state-of-the-art digital technology, you are not limited to the design.
  • Light Boxes – Let’s face it, nothing gets your attention like a well-designed light box and these can be created in any size and complement every retail space. You might not have any specific ideas in mind, but just by talking to a signage expert, you can get some great ideas on how to utilise illuminated signage to enhance your retail space. Neon can be spectacular in the right setting, and any experienced signage provider would be able to design and build a great neon sign.
  • Calls to Action – We all know how important CTAs are, as they are what often makes the shopper go ahead with a purchase, and with CTA stickers, you can position your promotional signage exactly where you want it. Consider carefully the design, colouring, and of course, the text, when designing CTAs, as they can be very effective when done properly. If you are unsure about your CTAs, simply ask a signage expert for their considered opinion.
  • Lighting – This is often overlooked in terms of creating the right buying ambience, and good lighting can be combined with signage to enhance the in-store ambience. Consulting with an experienced store signage provider would lead to some great ideas emerging and they can turn any concept into reality.

All of the above ideas can literally transform your retail environment, and by contacting a professional signage company, you can reap the benefits of their wealth of experience in creating top-notch signage. You might only require a few small features added to your layout, or you might feel that something major needs to be done; either way, the signage shop is the place to go.